Trial Access to Constituent List Datafiles Now Available

Regarding our constituent list datafile, our primary objective is to gather the most current and most accurate data available for subscribers and to provide that data in an easy to use format downloadable from the fastest data servers available via http or ftp.  While it is entirely possible for anyone to obtain this data from other sources, it will be a time consuming and expensive process to do so.  Experience also plays a large part in collecting the data and aggregating that data into an accurate, cohesive and readily usable format.

We are now in a position to offer a “self-serve” trial subscription so you can see the datafile for yourself and decide whether or not it meets your needs.  If you would like to see the file, go to the following URL and sign up:

You may also find new subscription options helpful to your needs.  In any event, I appreciate any and all feedback.  After looking at the file you find that you need something different, I appreciate hearing that too.

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