27 ETFs and ETNs Added and 25 ETFs and ETNs Removed From Coverage

Untitled 1 Added ETFs     DB Base Metals Double Long ETN BDD Trading–Leveraged Commodities DB Base Metals Long ETN BDG Commodities Industrial Metals DB Commodity Double Long ETN DYY Trading–Leveraged Commodities DB Commodity Double Short ETN DEE Trading–Inverse Commodities DB Crude Oil Double Short ETN DTO Trading–Inverse Commodities DB Crude Oil Short ETN SZO […]

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New Daily Report – Fundamentals.csv

This report will be updated daily and include numerous fundamental values. This report can be found in the ftp root directory, https://masterdatareports.com/Reports/Fundamentals.csv for subscriber http access, https://www.masterdatareports.com/ETFData-Sample/Fundamentals.csv for trial access. For a list and definitions of the values in the report please see https://masterdatareports.com//Content/Fundamentals.htm. Additionally, this new report will include several breadth values such as […]

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