Assets Under Management Added To ETF Fundamentals Datafile

A new value has been added to the ETF Fundamentals datafile.  Assets Under Management (AUM).  AUM is the market value of all the funds being managed by the ETF. This metric is a popular sign of size and success of any firm against its competition. The AUM is calculated by different methods.  This value is updated daily in the file.

If opened in Excel, Assets Under Management (AUM) in column AD.  The date of the value is the preceeding column, AC.  AUM is stated in millions.  For a list of all values in this datafile, go to

PowerShares ETFs Upgraded Data

Values for all PowerShares ETFs are now upgraded.  This includes greater precision in the constituent weights (many more decimal places) and other values.  Additionally, more values for these ETFs have been added to the file.  The source of these important improvements is PowerShares, the ETF provider.

For more information about index and ETF holdings lists and fundamental data go to

Four New Fundamental Values In ETF_Fundamentals.csv Datafile

 Four new values are now provided in the ETF_Fundamentals.csv datafile as follows:

NAVDate The date of the Net Asset Value stated in the next column
NAV Net Asset Value
SharesOutstanding    The shares of the ETF that have been authorized, issued and purchased by investors and are held by them.
MarketCap Market capitalization (or market cap) is the total value of the issued shares of a publicly traded company; it is equal to the share price times the number of shares outstanding

For a complete listing of current values in this file go here:

Several values remain to be included in the file, the next of which will include Asset Under Management followed by returns of various periods.

New ETF Fundamental Datafile – ETF_Fundamentals.csv Updated Daily

A new datafile, ETF_Fundamentals.csv, is now being generated that will ultimately replace the ETFStatic.csv datafile, ETFStatic-2.csv datafile and, the Beta datafile, ETFdaily.csv.  All data in the ETFStatic.csv and ETFStatic-2.csv datafiles is currently provided in the new file including inception date, total holdings, type, expense ratio and dividends, etc.  The values in the Beta ETFdaily.csv will be incorporated into the new file over the next few weeks.

For a complete listing of current values in the new file go here:

The data in the ETFdaily.csv file, includes values such as assets under management, shares outstanding, net asset value and various yield measures, etc.  These values and several more will be a part of the new daily updated file along with all of the data previously found in the two Static files.

The existing three files will continue to be generated as well as the new file to give subscribers as much time as they need to adjust their routines to the new file.  At some time in the future, however, production of the files will cease, but not until subscribers are ready and explicit notice will be given via email and the website.

Of course, the current constituent list datafile (ConstituentData42.csv) will continue.  This file is a never ending project and currently provides holdings list for 275 indexes and 1204 ETFs, a total of 1279 holdings lists.

For more information on ETF Constituent Lists and Data go to


Monthly ETF Holdings List Update Completed – 16 New ETFs/ETNs – Fundamentals Updated

As you know, we add newly released ETFs and ETNs the first weekend of every month to our “complete” list of ETFs, adding as many of these new issues to our constituent list datafile as possible.  Similarly discontinued composites are removed.  In June, 14 ETFs and two ETNs were released and 4 ETFs discontinued as follows:

ETF/ETN Name Symbol Morningstar Category
Added ETFs/ETNs    
ALPS International Sector Div Dogs ETF IDOG Foreign Large Value
Credit Suisse Commodity Benchmark ETN CSCB Commodities Broad Basket
Credit Suisse Commodity Rotation ETN CSCR Commodities Broad Basket
Direxion Daily Japan Bear 3X Shares ETF JPNS Trading-Inverse Equity
Direxion Daily Japan Bull 3X Shares ETF JPNL Trading-Leveraged Equity
EGShares Emerging Markets Div Gr ETF EMDG Diversified Emerging Mkts
First Trust Capital Strength ETF FTCS Large Value
Horizons S&P 500 Covered Call ETF HSPX Large Blend
iShares MSCI Colombia Capped ETF ICOL Miscellaneous Region
Market Vectors Israel ETF ISRA Miscellaneous Region
PowerShares Glbl S/T Hi Yld Bd ETF PGHY High Yield Bond
VelocityShares Tail Risk Hdgd Lg Cp ETF TRSK Large Blend
VelocityShares Volatility Hdgd Lg Cp ETF SPXH Large Blend
WisdomTree Japan Hedged SmallCap Equity ETF DXJS Japan Stock
WisdomTree United Kingdom Hedged Equity ETF DXPS Miscellaneous Region
YieldShares High Income ETF YYY Equity Energy
Discontinued ETFs    
AdvisorShares Rockledge SectorSAM ETF SSAM  
First Trust Strategic Value Index Fund FDV  
Guggenheim Yuan Bond ETF RMB  
Sustainable North American Oil Sands ETF SNDS  

Additionally, the following fundamental values were updated for all Exchange Traded Products and their constituents where applicable:

  • Shares Outstanding
  • MarketCap
  • Earnings
  • P/E Ratio
  • Dividend Amount
  • Last Dividend Date
  • Dividend Yield

Thank you for your continued support.  Please let me know if I can help further.


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