RevenueShares ETFs Restored to File / RICs Added

Reuters Instrument Codes (RICs) are now included in the constituent list datafile.  These tickers are located in column AI if the file is opened in Excel.  Other symbology is provided in column Q (Bloomberg Symbol) and column AD (esignal / Interactive Data ticker).  Column D provides the ticker used by the ETF sponsor.  This ticker is often a different symbology from one ETF sponsor to the next or may not be provided at all.  For consistency, consider using the Bloomberg symbol.  Much of our work is based on this symbol.  The eSignal and Reuters symbols are provided for your convenience.

For a free look at the most current constituent list datafiles, you may go to the following URL:

After examining the files, please contact us for more information.

Thank you for your continued support.  Your input is always appreciated.