44 Direxion ETFs Added to Constituent List Datafile

44 Direxion ETFs have been added to constituent list datafile.  Most of the
Direxion ETFs contain derivatives of some sort and were previously excluded from
our constituent list collection process.  We are now beginning to include
ETFs with this type of component.  With this addition, the constituent list
datafile now includes the holdings of 1178 ETFs and 366 indexes.

Because most of the Direxion ETFs contain derivatives of some sort, weightings
are not provided.  This is standard practice for ETF sponsors.  I
believe the issue is accurately valuing the derivative position and providing a
usable weighting.  Instead, a market value is typically provided for the

The full file of 366 indexes and 1178 ETFs is now on the server for download.

For more information about our index and ETF constituent lists downloads, go to http://www.masteretfdata.com.


New Individual Index / ETF Holdings Archive Datafiles


The historical constituent list datafiles (all composite constituent lists in one large file) are now available as individual composite files.  These files are located here: http://masterdatareports.com/ArchiveByComposite/

For FTP access, look in the folder “ArchiveByComposite” in the root directory.  If you do not currently have FTP access, it will be set up for you on request.

For instance, the directory  “ArchiveByComposite” contains the folder “SPY” which contains all available daily holdings files for the SPY ETF.  Each daily filename is simply its date.  In others words, if the holdings file for the SPY ETF on March 12, 2013 is wanted, look in the SPY directory for a file named 20130312.csv (YYYYMMDD).

All of the SPY daily files can be reached by going here:


The specific file for March 12, 2013, can be downloaded with this URL:


Archive Start Date Datafile

The following file provides the start date for archive holdings file for each composite:

http://masterdatareports.com/ArchiveByComposite/Start Dates.csv

Notice it is located in the same directory as the new individual file archive.

HTTP Archive Moved

The location of the http archive has been moved to the following URL:


You will find the same folders you are used to in this directory.

Thank you for your continued support.  Your input is always appreciated.

All WisdomTree ETFs Now In File

WisdomTree constituent lists are now correct in the constituent list datafile including ETFs with derivative components.  All WisdomTree ETFs are now included in the constituent list datafile.

Thank you for your continued support.  Your input is always appreciated.



L. P. Carhartt

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fax: 866-428-6849


New / Discontinued ETFs – Fundamentals Updated

14 new ETFs are added to and 14  ETFs/ETNs removed from our list as follows:


Name Symbol MorningStar Category
ALPS US Equity High Volatility Put Write HVPW Large Blend
Guggenheim (Rydex) CurrencyShares Singapore Dollar Trust FXSG Currency
First Trust High Yield Long/Short ETF HYLS High Yield Bond
First Trust Preferred Sec & Inc ETF FPE Long-Term Bond
Market Vectors BDC Income ETF BIZD Large Blend
PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy ETF FORX Currency
PowerShares S&P 400 Low Volatility XMLV Mid-Cap Blend
PowerShares S&P 600 Low Volatility XSLV Small Blend
ProShares Global Listed Private Eq ETF PEX Financial
Advisorshares QAM Equity Hedge ETF QEH  
SPDR Russell 1000 Low Volatility ETF LGLV Large Blend
SPDR Russell 2000 Low Volatility ETF SMLV Small Blend
WisdomTree Global Corporate Bond GLCB World Bond
Yorkville High Income Infras MLP ETF YMLI Equity Energy


Name Symbol  
ELEMENTS Linked to the Credit Suisse Global Warming Index Exchange Series ETN GWO  
PowerShares Active Low Duration Fund ETF PLK  
PowerShares Convertible Securities Portfolio ETF CVRT  
PowerShares Global Coal Portfolio ETF PKOL  
PowerShares Global Nuclear Portfolio ETF PKN  
PowerShares Global Steel Portfolio ETF PSTL  
PowerShares Global Wind Energy Portfolio ETF PWND  
PowerShares RiverFront Tactical Balanced Growth Portfolio ETF PAO  
PowerShares Active Mega Cap Fund ETF PMA  
PowerShares Dynamic Banking ETF PJB  
PowerShares Dynamic Insurance ETF PIC  
PowerShares Ibbotson Alternative Completion Portfolio ETF PTO  
PowerShares Morningstar StockInvestor Core Portfolio ETF PYH  
PowerShares RiverFront Tactical Growth & Income Portfolio ETF PCA  

For more information about index and ETF constituent lists and data, please go to htttp://www.masterETFdata.com.

Additionally, the following fundamental values are now updated in the constituent list datafile:

Shares Outstanding Dividend Amount
MarketCap Last Dividend Date
Earnings Dividend Yield
PE Ratio

Thank you for your continued support.  Your input is always appreciated.
L. P. Carhartt
MasterDATA, Inc. office: 818-701-6686 fax: 866-428-6849