Guggenheim/Rydex ETFs Restored To File

The Rydex funds (now Guggenheim) missing from our constituent list file (constituentdata42.csv) since mid December, 2012, have now been restored.  Today’s file has been rerun and is now on the server for download.  In the process, Guggenheim informed us of a recent press release announcing that 9 funds are being discontinued.  Click here for the Guggenheim press release.

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Dividend Data Now Included for ETFs and Constituents

Two new values are now included in the ConstituentData42.csv file, DividendAmt (dividend amount) and LastDividendDate (last dividend date).  If the file is opened in Excel, this would be columns AF and AG.  Dividend information is now provided for both ETFs and all constituents and will be updated monthly with other fundamental data.

A question was asked about the columns labeled “FutVal”. “FutVal” (future value) columns are placeholders so that when new values are added to the file, they will not disrupt your input routines.  New “FutVal” columns will never be arbitrarily “added” to the existing file for the same reason.  That, too, would disrupt your input routines.  When and if we run out of space for new values in the existing structure, a totally new file will be created and made available while the existing file also continues to be made available.  Both will be generated for a period of time to give you time to transition to the new file.

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Constituent List Data Updated / New ETFs Released


The monthly update of fundamental values is now reflected in the constituent list datafile.  Values updated include shares outstanding, market cap, earnings  and PE ratio.  I anticipate adding both constituent and ETF last dividend and last dividend date to the datafile within the next week or so.Two new ETFs and two new ETNs were added in January as follows:

Ticker Composite Name Type
MLPJ Global X Junior MLP ETF US Equity ETF
FLAG Forensic Accounting ETF US Equity ETF
GLDI Credit Suisse Gold Shrs Cov Call Exc ETN ETN

Four ETFs and one ETN were discontinued in January as follows:

INSD Direxion Lg Cap Insider Sentiment Shares ETF  
VLAT Direxion S&P Lat Am 40 RC Volat Res Shrs  
VSPR Direxion S&P 1500 RC Volatility Res Shrs  
BBRC EGShares Beyond BRICs ETF

For the current complete list of ETFs, click here.

After several conversions with Guggenheim representatives, I am assured that former Rydex ETF constituent lists will soon be accessible, once again, to our automated nightly updates.  Rydex was taken over by Guggenheim last year but was kept separate from the other Guggenheim funds.  In mid-December of last year, Guggenheim did a total rewrite of their website.  Rydex ETFs still remained separate, but became inaccessible to our collection efforts.  Again, I am assured that fixing this issue is now a priority and could happen as soon as next week.  I will send an update as soon as done.

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