50 New ETFs Added

With the recent addition of 50 ETFs, the daily updated constituent list datafile now includes 887 US traded ETFs and 366 indexes. Click here for this new list:

http://www.masteretfdata.com/Download-Files/New ETFS.xls

The complete list of all ETFs and indexes included in the constituent list datafile:


The additions include a new (to our coverage) sponsor, QuantShares. We now cover all ETF sponsors. This new list includes some name changes also. Additionally, several of the new ETFs are commodity based which means they do not go into the constituent list datafile (at least, for now). By our count, this makes a total of 1176 US based ETFs.

Additionally, CUSIPs are now provided for all US traded ETFs in both the constituent list datafile as well as the ETFStatic.csv file. The ETFStatic.csv file is available to all subscribers and contains a complete list of all ETFs along with their description, current expense ratios, underlying index (if any), inception date as well as CUSIP. ETNs will be added soon.