60 New ETFs / New Constituent List Change Report

Over the past couple of weeks, 60 plus new ETFs have been added to the constituent list datafile.  This includes a new sponsor (to us), Schwab and their 14 ETFs.  We needed an assist on this group so thank you very much to Schwab’s ETF Capital Markets for their help.  Additionally, EG Shares’ Gems are all now covered.  Total of ETFs in the constituent list file is now 848 plus 371 indexes.  Here is the current list if you haven’t seen it for a while:  


We now offer full coverage of all ETFs with equity or debt constituents.  Also, as a result of our constituent list work, we can make available a one of a kind report found nowhere else on the Internet.  This new “Constituent List Change Report” provides a complete listing of constituent additions and removals from the indexes and ETFs covered in the full ConstituentData42.csv datafile. Similar to the full constituent lists datafile, this report is updated daily by 2:00 am est and again just before the market open. The latter report includes late updates from iShares and State Street. Here is the URL:


More to come.