Constituent List Datafile Now Includes All Equity and Fixed Income ETFs

The constituent list datafile now includes all US traded ETFs with equity or fixed income constituents where the sponsor provides readily accessible lists.  This is a total of 790 ETFs.  Only two, small, currently offered ETFs are excluded due to their lists not being available.

Certainly, this is noteworthy, but it also allows us to enter an ongoing maintenance and data completion mode. Bloomberg symbols are currently provided on most constituents.  ISDN, CUSIP or SEDOL are provided on many constituents.  Both of these will now be cross-referenced to provide these identifiers on substantially all constituents.

Although currently outstanding ETFs are adjusted as identified throughout the year, at the end of each quarter, a complete “inventory” is done on each sponsor to make sure all ETF additions/deletions are properly reflected in the datafile.  That is coming up next week.