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Eventually, RSS ETF Report Feeds will be available for most reports and frequently updated content on all MasterDATA web sites. Deployment now begins with reports on the web site to be followed by the MasterDATA Charts and Reports section and, finally, the remainder. Many reports offer great insight, but are simply too hard to find and get to. Now the reports you find of value can come to you. As you browse around the site click on any RSS logo for information on what that particular feed contains. You can also click on the links listed on the page “RSS ETF Report Feeds“. Click on its link in the left column under “Content” here in the MasterDATA Forum. Once you read the description of a particular feed and decide to subscribe, simply click on “Subscribe to this feed” in the upper corner of that page. If you change your mind later, simply delete the feed from your RSS reader.


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Compilation List Revised For May, 2008 – Also 2 New Indexes

Our Index / ETF Compilation List is adjusted to, once again, reflect the top 111 trade volume ETFs. Subject to our inclusion criteria, this list is revised monthly to continually contain the most highly traded, liquid US listed Exchange Traded Funds.  Additionally, because two new ProShares are now added to our list, the two Dow Jones Indexes upon which they are based are also now included in the MasterDATA Compilation List.

As mentioned in last month’s announcement of our Compilation List revision, the home page displays a report listing all ETFs by 1 month (20 trade sessions) performance titled “All US Stocks ETFs By Descending PerCent Change” (Use the drop down menus to get to the report).

This month we see predominately technology and and semi-conductor ETFs attracting enough trade volume to move into the top 111 trade volume ETFs.  Health care and small to mid-cap stock ETFs seem to be on their way out.  Internet ETFs are out as well as, interestingly, the ProShares Short QQQ (PSQ).

To review all of the additions / deletions to MasterDATA’s Compilation List since the beginning, click here or on “Monthly List Revisions” in the left column under “Categories”.

ETFs falling out of the top 111 top trade volume ETFs for two consecutive months are deleted. This means that an ETF on MasterDATA’s Compilation List will remain on the list for a minimum of two months. This also means that our compilation list will number in excess of 111 ETFs on a continual basis.


For the current MasterDATA Compilation List, please click here.

New Index Additions
These Dow Jones indexes are now added to MasterDATA’s Compilation List:

Dow Jones U.S. Semiconductors Index ($DJUSSC)
Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index ($DJUSTC)

New ETF Additions
These new additions ranked in the top 111 trade volume ETFs at month end February, 2008:

iShares Goldman Sachs Natural Resources Index Fund (IGE)
PowerShares Dynamic Banking Portfolio (PJB)
PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors Portfolio (PSI)
ProShares Ultra Semiconductors (USD)
ProShares Ultra Technology (ROM)
Vanguard Information Tech VIPERs (VGT)

Potential Cut List:
The ETFs listed below previously ranked in the top 111 trade volume ETFs. Two consecutive months out of a top 111 ranking will result in the ETF being deleted from MasterDATA’s Compilation List. Charts, reports and datafiles continue to be generated for these ETFs until they fall below the top 111 ETFs for two consecutive months.

iShares DJ Health Care Providers Index Fund (IHF)
iShares DJ Regional Banks Index Fund (IAT)
iShares Russell Micro Cap Index Fund (IWC)
iShares S&P Mid Cap 400 Value Index Fund (IJJ)
PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare Services Portfolio (PTJ)
PowerShares Dynamic Mid Cap Growth Portfolio (PWJ)
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value VIPERs (VOE)

Deleted ETFs:
The deleted ETFs below experienced trade volume less than the top 111 ETFs for two consecutive months.

Claymore/Zacks Sector Rotation ETF (XRO)
HOLDRS Internet (HHH)
HOLDRS Merrill Lynch Broadband (BDH)
iShares Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Services Sector Index Fund (IYC)
PowerShares International Dividend Achievers Portfolio (PID)
ProShares Short QQQ (PSQ)