MasterDATAlink Version 2.1 Released

Version 2.1 of MasterDATAlink for subscribers and a part of  the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in package is available for download. Version 2.0 released 12-4-07 included significant additional functionality and provided much easier use.  This new version primarily adds the ability to create an error file when troubleshooting is required in MasterDATAlink.  As always this new version will allow MasterDATAlink to download composite / breadth datafiles on one, a few or all of the 111 highest trade volume ETFs as well as 28 major stock indexes on our Compilation List.  Current users of Version 2.0 do not need to update to the new version unless they need troubleshooting help with their installations (very rare!).  The new version may be downloaded at as part of the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in Package or for MasterDATACSV subscribers.

MasterDATA’s Index / ETF Compilation List Revised To Reflect Top 111 Trade Volume ETFs + One Additional Index

Our Index / ETF Compilation List is adjusted to, once again, reflect the top 111 trade volume ETFs.  Subject to our inclusion criteria, this list is revised monthly to continually contain the most highly traded, liquid US listed Exchange Traded Funds.  Several ProShares ETFs have been added to the top trade volume list making a total of 13 ProShares ETFs in MasterDATA’s current Compilation List.

This month, we adopted a revised policy regarding new additions / deletions to our compilation list.  Monthly deletions of ETFs falling out of the top 111 trade volume ETFs often saw these same ETFs being added back to the list in the subsequent month.  The result was considerable additional work for us and a list fluctuating too frequently for our subscribers to effectively utilize.  As of this month, an ETF falling out of the top 111 top trade volume ETFs for two consecutive months will be deleted.  This means that an ETF on MasterDATA’s Compilation List will remain on the list for a minimum of two months.  This also means that our compilation list will number in excess of 111 ETFs on a continual basis.

Links to charts, reports and datafiles for these new ETFs and index will become available on the web site and in our download programs over the remainder of today.  Neither MasterDATA Composite Plug-in Subscribers nor MasterDATACSV subscribers need to do anything.  On their next update, their MasterDATA Compilation List will be automatically updated with the new additions.

Additionally, one new stock index will be added to MasterDATA’s compilation list for a total of 28 indexes followed.

New Index

 Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index ($DJUSEN)

New ETF Additions

These new additions ranked in the top 111 trade volume ETFs for the month of December, 2007.

Claymore/Zacks Sector Rotation ETF (XRO)
Merrill Lynch Broadband HOLDRS (BDH)
PowerShares DWA Technical Leaders Portfolio (PDP)
PowerShares Value Line Timeliness Select Portfolio (PIV)
ProShares UltraShort Financials (SKF)
Objective:  to achieve double inverse performance of the Dow Jones U.S. Financials Index ($DJUSFN)
ProShares UltraShort Oil & Gas (DUG)
Objective:  to achieve double inverse performance of the Dow Jones
U.S. Oil & Gas Index ($DJUSEN)
ProShares UltraShort Real Estate (SRS)
Objective:  to achieve double inverse performance of the Dow Jones
Real Estate Index ($DJUSRE)
Vanguard Mid-Cap VIPERs (VO)
Vanguard Small-Cap Growth VIPERs (VBK)

Potential Cut List

The ETFs listed below previously ranked in the top 111 trade volume ETFs.  Two consecutive months out of a top 111 ranking will result in the ETF being deleted from MasterDATA’s Compilation List.  Charts, reports and datafiles continue to be generated for these ETFs.

First Trust ISE Chindia (FNI)
First Trust Value Line Dividend Fund (FVD)
iShares DJ Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Index Fund (IEO)
iShares Goldman Sachs Networking Index Fund (IGN)
PowerShares Aerospace & Defense Portfolio (PPA)
PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value Portfolio (PWV)
PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors Portfolio (PSI)
ProShares Short QQQ (PSQ