Enhanced Delivery Of Composite Datafiles / Consolidation Of Products and Services

Being the first in quite a long while, this letter is kind of a purpose statement for me and a commitment to you.  It will first address some of the major enhancements recently implemented into the MasterDATA web site.  Then, I will provide a brief overview of where we are going from here.  The immediate objective is to restructure what we currently have in place to reflect what we have learned in the past few years of providing and utilizing composite / breadth data.  In the short run, the journey may experience a few bumps and grinds, but, in the long run, the result will be usable, accurate data, efficient delivery mechanisms for that data and tools to put the data to effective use.

Recent Milestones 

MasterDATA’s Index/ETF List More Than Doubles
Since November, 2006, the index/ETF list upon which composite breadth data is compiled and provided to subscribers for download grew from 61 to 136.  All additions reflect the most actively traded Exchange Traded Funds.  Currently, for inclusion on MasterDATA’s list, all components must trade on a U.S. exchange, sponsors must provide a readily accessible and up to date constituent list, and average trading volume must approximate 100,000 shares per day or more.

New Reports Added To MasterDATA’s Home Page
In the process of determining which of the 896 or so outstanding ETFs to add to our compilation list, several reports were developed which now regularly appear on our home page.  ETFs are ranked by various statistical criteria including previous month percentage gain, one month average trade volume, and more.  Reports reflecting the 111 ETFs on MasterDATA’s current compilation list are updated hourly throughout the trade session.  Similar reports reflecting all currently identified ETFs (closed end funds) are provided end of day.

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Statistics Now Reflect Current Day Trading
Statistics, charts and downloadable datafiles for Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly trade periods now update daily (EOD) to display period end through current trade session progression.  With the objective of providing more usable and current trading information to our subscribers, this significant programming effort addresses what we see as shortcomings in the data provided by our data vendors.

Numerous additional enhancements, refinements and outright corrections are now in place throughout the MasterDATA web sites as well.  Visit our “Milestones” page for more information.

Coming Soon 

The past few years of compiling, providing and delivering composite / breadth data have definitely been a learning experience.  Although as much forethought as possible is given before committing to any particular structure, without exception, real time experience quickly shows you the error in your ways.  Experience is the best teacher.  Certainly, we now see how we can do better.  The following overviews our immediate game plan for significantly upgrading overall service to subscribers. 

Enhanced Delivery Of Composite Datafiles To Subscribers
Very soon a new utility program will allow subscribers downloading composite / breadth datafiles to do so automatically.  Downloading will no longer require logging in or even a visit to the web site.  All datafiles can be downloaded, or just the daily and monthly data periods, or just the Select Sector SPDRs.  Anything or everything can be downloaded with one button click.  OR, using Windows Scheduler, downloads can be done totally hands-off, automatically.  Some users concerned with disk space and/or the download time involved, can easily download only the files they are interested in and don’t even need to be in front of their computers when it happens.  Others may want everything after the close, but only specific files during the day.  All this and more will be easily handled with the new MasterDATAlink program.

The program is written and fully functional and will be distributed after addition of a few more features and completion of the help files.  Expect to be using our new MasterDATAlink  by the beginning of next month.  By the way, its free.

Consolidation Of Products and Services
Although the effort will take quite some time to be put in place, all elements of the MasterDATA web site will eventually share common foundations.  The MetaStockCSV Plug-in will be utilized not only for integrating your own comma delimited datafiles (.csv) into MetaStock, but also the same plug-in will integrate our downloadable composite / breadth .csv datafiles into MetaStock as well. Subscribers downloading .csv composite / breadth datafiles to use in MetaStock via the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in  will use the same .csv datafiles downloaded by subscribers wanting historical composite / breadth data for use in Excel or other analysis applications.

The benefit for subscribers will be greatly enhanced mobility between the various MasterDATA products and services.  For instance, a subscriber using and familiar with the MetaStockCSV Plug-in with his own datafiles may sign up to try out the .csv composite / breadth datafiles with a very minor, if any, learning curve.  Experience gained in one area of the web site will readily translate to all other areas of the web site.

The benefit for us (and therefore to our subscribers also) is processing time.  Because we are generating fewer files, we can get them on the web site faster and/or compile data on more indexes and ETFs.  By the way, MasterDATA now generates over 120,000 reports and charts every market day.

Trading Signals
A brief mention at this time concerning the publishing of trading signals is appropriate.  We have had numerous requests to publish actual trading signals based upon the composite data we compile.  Frankly, we always intended to do it anyway.  For those interested, please be patient.

Monthly Letters To Subscribers
This letter will be the first of a monthly series of letters to subscribers.  Subjects will include what is on the site, new web site features, tutorials on using our composite data, application of traditional composite / breadth indicators, development of new composite / breadth indicators and many topics of value to subscribers.  Our objective is to support the use and enhance the value of composite / breadth analysis upon all varieties of composites be they markets, indexes and/or ETFs.

There is one further and important commitment to you.  Letters will not be solicitations to buy or subscribe to anything.  Subscribers will be informed of new services, but we will make every effort to stick to the facts without any hype.  Finally, if you would rather not receive our monthly letter, a link will be provided at the bottom of each (including this one) to easily remove yourself from the mailings.

By the way, you should also know, MasterDATA will never share or sell your email address, period.  Even if we have associations, affiliates, partners or anything other kind of relationship, the only email you will ever receive as a result of subscribing to anything MasterDATA offers will be an email directly from MasterDATA.  We have all been sucked in by some seemingly reputable internet service or product that then distributed our email address to what seemed like every junk mailer on the web.  That will never happen here.

You tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on ….
Remember the old Vidal Sassoon television commercial?  Silly as it was, it works.  I don’t expect anyone to specifically go out and tell two friends about MasterDATA’s composite data or plug-ins for MetaStock.  I do remember , however, during my 20 years or so as a stock broker, many of my associates lamenting about why no one provided composite / breadth data.  Well, they do now.  They just need to know where to find it.

Help us grow.  Don’t be reluctant to tell someone about masterdata.com.  They might just appreciate it.  Certainly, I do.

Composite data is the basis for many powerful trading tools.  It is my job to provide it to you in such a way that nothing gets in the way of your using it.   Comments, criticisms and suggestions are always appreciated.  I thank you for your past support and hope you continue with us.  In any event, good trading.


L.P. Carhartt


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