NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ Composite Indexes Added

Reports and historical datafiles are now available on the NYSE (NYA), AMEX (XAX) & NASDAQ (IXIC COMPQ) Composites. Due to runtime and facilities constraints, data currently includes only current & historical Price Data, Trend Channels, Total Index Volume and Advancing/Declining Issues with Volume. 7-29-04: A bug in the program code was corrected which caused the NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ Composite datafiles to compile incorrectly. No other index or ETF datafiles were affected. Thank you, Tom, for promptly bringing this to my attention. This problem is fixed.

Program Re-Constructed To Allow Multiple Daily Updates

Although data is available from data vendors shortly after the close, corrections to the data often occurs and is not “final” until 4 to 5 hours after the close. In particular, the NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ Composite statistics often do not update until this “final” posting. To address this issue, the program is now designed to accommodate an early run and then a “final” run later in the evening. This refinement will also facilitate Intraday updates (before the close) in the near future.