Windows 7 / Vista MasterDATA Composite Plug-in for MetaStock

(The MasterDATA Composite Plug-in allows MetaStock users to download our historical breath datafiles and use them directly in MetaStock with no import or conversion.)

Version 4.0 of the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in is now released and ready for download.  This new release fully accommodates both Vista and Windows 7.  As Microsoft continues to tighten security in  its operating systems, what worked well before is not necessarily compatible with what works today.  In this case, revisions in the way that the  “C:\Program Files” directory is handled, changed everything.  But, as they say, “as one window closes, another one opens” and Microsoft opened a new, exceptionally convenient window, the “C:\ProgramData” directory.   You can’t easily write to the former anymore, but you can write, at will, to the new one.  Better yet, that is exactly what Microsoft has in mind.

Anything is easy if you know how.  Same goes here.  I can’t tell you how much wheel spinning I did trying to track down why we were incurring a growing number of installation issues.  It was fairly apparent that Vista and Windows 7 had something to do with it, but what?  Some users with these operating systems installed without issue.  For the ones who didn’t, however, it was very frustrating.  My apologies. 

The solution turned out to be a fairly easy one and, frankly, one that makes everything simpler.  Simpler is always better.  I just needed to write the necessary configuration files to the location Vista and Windows 7 now provided for the purpose.  One that never existed before.  And one that, amazingly, in all the forums I searched, no one talked about. 

So its fixed.  Its as easy an installation as I have ever written.  And once installed, it is rock solid in operation.

Existing users really don’t really need to upgrade.  Frankly, before now, it was getting to the point I think I subconsciously discouraged existing subscribers from upgrading at all.  No longer.  Although you do not need to upgrade, I encourage everyone to upgrade at their earliest convenience.  You will be very pleased.  If you are not already a Vista and Windows 7 user, you probably will be eventually.  By the way, for what its worth, Windows 7 gets my vote.

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