RICs, CUSIPs, ISINs and SEDOLs Updated

Our new data source, Reuters Eikon, is now well in place and we are in the process of acquiring, updating and correcting the three identifiers (CUSIP, ISIN and SEDOL) included in the constituent list datafile and ETF fundamentals datafile.  Previously, we were limited to using an identifier only when provided by an ETF or index sponsor or using the database provided by the London Stock Exchange (looking up one issue at a time).  Information acquired from these sources was used to build a cross reference table and included in our datafile generation process to obtain the desired value.  Using the new data source, the process of gathering this data is greatly facilitated and automated.  All we need is an accurate RIC (Reuters Identification Code).  So that is the focus now.  While we have accurately identified the RIC symbols for all US traded equity issues, the global issues are still in process.

As a result, you will find that all US equity issues now include all three identifiers (CUSIP, ISIN and SEDOL) with very few exceptions.  We have made progress on global issues also and continue with that effort.  For those using the RIC in their work, you will now find that the US issue RICs are very accurate and global issues will be shortly.  The constituent list datafile also now provides a good cross-reference between Bloomberg symbols and the RIC.  Debt instruments will follow.

By the way, our new data source provides many new values, but, at least for the kind of work we are doing, a list of RICs is the first order of business.  Once that is in order it is like having the keys to the kingdom … well almost anyway.  More on that later.

For more information on our index and ETF constituent lists and data, click here.

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