New Subscription System Implemented

A new, highly automated system is now installed to manage MasterDATA’s subscription database. When fully implemented, subscribers will have the ability to manage their own accounts as well as providing ease of overall management to MasterDATA. The four web sites will each offer their own subscription. With the new software, subscriptions to any combination of these services can be offered to users.

The MasterDATA Web Site Divided Into Five Web Sites

To facilitate future subscription access to downloadable composite datafiles and future services, the MasterDATA web site is now divided into five separate web sites as follows: – The primary site – Composite reports (free & will remain so) – also trading signals in the future by subscription – Composite data downloads for MetaStock including the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in – Composite data downloads for Excel (.csv files)

This division also increases the internet visibility of MasterDATA services. The four latter sites are all hosted on our new on-site web server.

New Composite Indicator Added

Initial work with new one year highs and lows within each Index/ETF confirms the importance of that composite statistic. To further study the importance of this indicator, a new shorter term high/low component count is now implemented for the quarterly time frame. This new statistic is included in the Excel (.csv) datafile downloads and MetaStock composite data.

New On Site Web Server Implemented

MasterDATA now utilizes its own locally hosted web server for current reports and datafiles. As a result, the time required to upload composite reports and datafiles to an outside (off site) web hosting site is totally eliminated. Composite reports and datafiles are now output directly to the new local web server for immediate access by subscribers. The significant time savings will allow expansion of our ETF list while still providing data in a timely manner. Intraday updates are now also feasible and will be added in the not too distant future.

New Function For the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in

The MasterDATA Composite Plug-in for MetaStock now incorporates an additional function which minimizes the number of Custom Indicators necessary for utilizing various MetaStock functions (i.e. charting, explorations, etc.). The new function allows the composite data to be accessed in a manner very similar to “normal” price data on individual securities and the cycling of securities.

NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ Composite Indexes Added

Reports and historical datafiles are now available on the NYSE (NYA), AMEX (XAX) & NASDAQ (IXIC COMPQ) Composites. Due to runtime and facilities constraints, data currently includes only current & historical Price Data, Trend Channels, Total Index Volume and Advancing/Declining Issues with Volume. 7-29-04: A bug in the program code was corrected which caused the NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ Composite datafiles to compile incorrectly. No other index or ETF datafiles were affected. Thank you, Tom, for promptly bringing this to my attention. This problem is fixed.

Program Re-Constructed To Allow Multiple Daily Updates

Although data is available from data vendors shortly after the close, corrections to the data often occurs and is not “final” until 4 to 5 hours after the close. In particular, the NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ Composite statistics often do not update until this “final” posting. To address this issue, the program is now designed to accommodate an early run and then a “final” run later in the evening. This refinement will also facilitate Intraday updates (before the close) in the near future.