New Web Servers

The move to our new dedicated web servers is complete.  Although there will always be further tweaking, that has always been the case.  Importantly, the list of benefits is long.

Server speed is almost twice as fast.  That translates into getting our datafiles on the website in less than ten minutes after the hour versus 15 minutes previously.  Our breadth reports and charts are on the website in less than 15 minutes versus up to 25 to 30 minutes before.

The internet connection speed of the new web servers dwarfs our previous connection speed.  Of course, your speed will still be dictated by your local connection speed, but this speed on our end means no slow down due to higher traffic during the course of the day.  We now have virtually unlimited bandwidth with 100% network uptime.

Just as important, we now have a full time on-site staff of network professionals monitoring our web servers 24/7.  If there is a hardware failure it will be fixed within three hours.  They promise, no network outages, period.  Thankfully, in seven years of running the same servers here locally, I never had one hardware failure, but that was sheer luck.  I knew if it ever happened, I would most likely be down for a day or more.  Now they watch things while I sleep.

The list of benefits is much longer that this, but it all boils down to reliability and speed.

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