Intraday and EOD Composite Charts Now Available On All Indexes and ETFs followed by MasterDATA

Intraday and end of day composite charts are now available on the web site for all Indexes and ETFs followed by MasterDATA. These up to date charts are posted every hour on the hour throughout the trading day as part of our new composite report format. Charts currently include the following composite/breadth indicators:

Total combined volume of all components (as well as the ETF volume)
Percentage of components in up trends
Percentage of components with new one year highs and lows
McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index
McClellan Volume Oscillator and Volume Summation Index
Percentage of components above their 200, 30, 18, 9, and 4 period moving averages
TRIN, ARMS Index and Open Arms Index
Advance/Decline Line (A/D Line)

Access to all intraday and end of day composite charts is free by subscription. As with our reports and data, the new composite charts are generated unattended and automatically published to the web site hourly.

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