4 Innovator ETFs Restored to the Constituentdata42.csv File

As you probably know Innovator Exchange Traded Funds recently acquired two Elkhorn ETFs (Elkhorn's remaining two ETFs were liquidated).  Combined with their two existing ETFs, Innovator now provides 4 ETFs in total.

The following Innovator ETFs are included in the constituentdata42.csv file:
Name Ticker ETF Type
Innovator Lunt Low Vol/High Beta Tact LVHB US Equity ETF
Innovator IBD® 50 ETF FFTY US Equity ETF
Innovator IBD® ETF Leaders ETF LDRS US Asset Allocation ETF
Innovator S&P High Quality Preferred EPRF US Fixed Income ETF
For more information on the constituentdata42.csv file, please go to masterdatareports.com.

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