Open access to ETF Breadth Data

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I often get the question “What’s breadth data?”. Breadth data includes the count of advancing issues versus declining issues, advancing volume versus declining volume, new highs vs, new lows, etc. of the constituents making up the composite (in this case the ETF). For instance, the SPY ETF is currently made up of […]

STOXX Deploys t heir New Web Site

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STOXX published an entirely new web site yesterday (http://www.stoxx.com).  This means that all their constituent list reports were also totally restructured.  We have modified our routines to accomodate these changes and the 134 STOXX indexes in the constituent list datafile properly reflect the current constituent lists of these indexes.

MetaStock 12 – Everything You Want To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

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Jefferies TR/J CRB Global Commodity Equity Index Fund ETF Restored to Datafile

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5 Factorshares ETFs Added to Constituent Datafile

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All ALPs ETFs Now Included In Constituent Datafile

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4 New ALPs ETFs Added To Constituent Datafile

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RICs, CUSIPs, ISINs and SEDOLs Updated

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Exchange Composite Constituent Lists Upgraded

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Post Format Test: Status

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