Twelve New ETFs Added

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Twelve new ETFs from one existing sponsor two new ETF sponsors are now covered in the constituentdata42.csv as follows:

Hartford Corporate Bond ETF
Global Fixed Income ETF

Hartford Multifactor Dev Mkts exUS ETF
US Equity ETF

Hartford Multifactor LowVolatil US EqETF
US Equity ETF

Hartford Multifactor Lw Vltl Intl Eq ETF
Global Equity ETF

Hartford Multifactor REIT ETF
Global Equity ETF

Hartford Quality Bond […]

6 Virtus ETFs Added

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The following Virtus ETFs are added to the constituentdata42.csv file effective immediately:

Virtus LifeSci Biotech Clinical Trials ETF

Virtus LifeSci Biotech Products ETF

Virtus Cumberland Municipal Bond ETF

Virtus Enhanced Short U.S. Equity ETF

Virtus Newfleet Dynamic Credit ETF

Virtus Newfleet Multi-Sector Unconstrained Bond ETF


Amplify ETFS Added To Coverage

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Amplify ETFS have been added to the constituentdata42.csv file effective today as follows:

Amplify Online Retail ETF
Global Equity ETF

Amplify YieldShares CWP Dividend & Option Income ETF
US Equity ETF

Amplify YieldShares Oil-Hedged MLP Income ETF
US Asset Allocation ETF

Amplify YieldShares Senior Loan and Income ETF
US Asset Allocation ETF

For more information on ETF data and constituent lists […]

FTP and HTTP Access to Datafiles

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We have been setting up new servers.  Please confirm that you are using the following for access to the current datafiles:
For FTP use the following URLs:


For HTTP use:
http://www.masterdatareports.com/reports/ + filename
http://www.masteremail.com/reports/ + filename
www.masteretfdata.com/reports/ + filename

7 Principal ETFs Added to File

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7 Principal ETFs have been added to the ConstituentData42.csv file as follows:

Principal Price Setters ETF PSET US Equity ETF
Principal Shareholder Yield ETF PY US Equity ETF
Principal Active Global Dividend Income ETF GDVD Global Equity ETF
Principal Spectrum Preferred Securities Active ETF PREF Global Asset Allocation ETF
Principal Healthcare Innovators Index ETF BTEC US Equity ETF
Principal Millennials Index ETF GENY Global Equity ETF
Principal U.S. Small Cap Index ETF PSC US Equity […]

New Phone Number

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Effective immediately, our new phone number is (760)552-4552

Schwab ETFs Restored to Daily Updated File

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All Schwab ETFs are now restored to the ConstituentData42.csv file. The holdings of Schwab ETFs are mostly US equity or global equity with a few fixed income types, but because all their ETFs contain at least one e-mini contract, by definition, we define them as commodity based ETFs (they contain financial futures or […]

An observation

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You may notice that tonight’s file is significantly smaller than “normal”. To me that is always reason for concern, so I spend time trying to determine why. In this case, it seems that Wisdom Tree has cut the number of constituents in their ETFs significantly. This is particularly true for their […]

Individual Constituent Lists via HTML

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Sometimes you just want one constituent list quickly. Updated such lists are now available via http link as follows:


This link is for the SPY ETF. For any other covered ETF just replace SPY with the appropriate ticker. (also replace username with your username and password with your password).

Goldman Sachs ETFs Added

The seven Goldman Sachs ETFs are now included in the constituenydata42.csv file as follows:

Goldman Sachs TreasuryAccess 0-1 Year ETF GBIL
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF GEM
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Europe Equity ETF GSEU
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta International Equity ETF GSIE
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Japan […]