Available Indexes and ETFs Revised for 4th Quarter – 70 More ETFs Now Available For a Total of 181

The quarterly compilation list revision is now complete.  Every quarter, ETFs that fall below the top 111 as measured by trade volume are deleted from the compilation list.  Historical breadth charts, reports and datafiles are generated on the “new” top 111. 

This quarter’s revision also makes available 70 additional ETFs for a total of 181 of the top trade volume US equity ETFs.  With the introduction of two new Dow indexes, there are now 33 covered indexes, a total of 214 indexes and ETFs in our compilation list.

To view the complete current compilation list, go to:


Here are the additions to the top 111:

Here are the ETFs that have fallen out of the top 111:

As previously mentioned two indexes have also been added.  One was in response to a subscriber request and the other is an index used as the benchmark for the newly added ProShares UltraShort Consumer Services (SCC).

Because the 70 new ETFs are being added this quarter, the deletions listed above actually wind up somewhere in the new list of 70.  The exception is PMR which dropped out of the top 181 altogether.

The expanded ETF list introduces a wide variety of sectors and industry groups as well as two large, but previously unrepresented, sponsors, First Trust and WisdomTree.

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