All ALPS ETFs Now Included In the ConstituentData42.csv File

All ETFs provided by ALPS are now included in the ConstituentData42.csv file.  Additionally, the ALPS Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) has been updated to reflect recent structure changes in this ETF’s report structure. These lists will be updated daily and now include the following 4 ALPS ETFs:

ALPS Workplace Equality ETF EQLT Large Blend Gobal Equity ETF
Alps Workplace Equality Portfolio Fund is an exchange traded fund incorporated in the USA. The ETF seeks to track performance of the Workplace Equality Index. The Index tracks companies which support workplace equality for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender (‘LGBT’) employees.
ALPS RiverFront Strategic Income ETF RIGS World Bond US Equity ETF
Riverfront Strategic Income Fund is an incorporated in the USA. The ETF invests in a global portfolio of fixed income securities of various maturities ratings and currency denominations.
ALPS STOXX Europe 600 ETF STXX Europe Stock Gobal Equity ETF
ALPS STOXX Europe 600 ETF is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The ETF tracks the performance of its underlying index the STOXX Europe 600 Index (ticker: SXXP Index). The Index that consists of the 600 largest developed market stocks of the STOXX Europe Total Market Index.
ALPS Alerian Energy Infrastructure ETF ENFR Energy Limited Partnership US Equity ETF
Alerian Energy Infrastructure ETF is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The ETF tracks the performance of the Alerian Infrastructure Index which is comprised of 30 equity securities of issuers headquartered or incorporated in the United States and Canada that engage in the transportation storage and processing of energy commodities (‘midstream energy businesses’).

The MasterDATA constituent file provides all the normal current fundamental values as well as symbols for several primary quote vendors such as Bloomberg, Reuters (RIC) and eSignal.  Current fundamental data on these four ETFs remain in the ETF_Fundamentals.csv file.  Total current ETF holding lists in the file now totals 1344.  Total number of current constituent lists is 1637 including both US and global indexes together with ETFs all updated daily.  For more information on the ConstituentData42.csv file go to  A free trial is available on request.

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