9 ETFs Added to Coverage

Nine additional ETFs are now included in the ConstituentData42.csv File and Fundamentals file. These updates are as follows:

ETF NameSymbolMorningstar CategoryManagement TypeMasterDATA Type
FlexShares Dev Mks ex-US Qual Lw Vol ETFQLVDForeign Large BlendPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
FlexShares EMs Quality Lw Vol ETFQLVEDiversified Emerging MktsPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
Franklin Disruptive Commerce ETFBUYZWorld Large StockActiveGlobal Equity ETF
Franklin Intelligent Machines ETFIQMWorld Large StockActiveGlobal Equity ETF
Global X Education ETFEDUTWorld Large StockPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
Global X S&P Cthlc Vls Dvlpd ex-US ETFCEFAForeign Large BlendPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta® Europe Eq ETFGSEUEurope StockPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
Goldman Sachs MarketBeta Emer Mkt Eq ETFGSEEDiversified Emerging MktsPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
Goldman Sachs MarketBeta Intl Eq ETFGSIDForeign Large BlendPassiveGlobal Equity ETF

2234 ETPs are now included in the files as well as holdings on 122 major US and global Indexes.

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