8 New Composite Statistics Added

In addition to our previous list of index and ETF composite data, the following eight historical composite statistics are now available to subscribers for download in all formats:

Total components with first day 1 year new highs
Total components with first day 1 year new lows
Total components with first day 1 quarter new highs
Total components with first day 1 quarter new lows
Equal weight composite open price
Equal weight composite high price
Equal weight composite low price
Equal weight composite close price

Discussion of these new statistics will follow in the near future. They are now included due to work being done on effectively using our composite data.
Additionally, the new version of the MetaStock Composite Plug-in uses a shorter name to call statistics from the composite datafiles.

Instead of:

ExtFml( “MasterDATA_MSX.Base”, advances)

the new plug-in uses a shorter name to make formulas easier to read within MetaStock:

ExtFml( “md.base”, advances)

Important: If you have written any MetaStock functions using the old, longer name, your formulas will continue to work without any modification although you will not be able to access the above new composite statistics. We always try to make sure that any MasterDATA Composite Plug-in revision will not outdate your work requiring you to redo your past efforts. The three web site Formula Builders will now generate formulas for calling composite data into MetaStock using this shorter format.

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