22 ETPs Added to Coverage

Twenty-two additional ETPs (21 ETFs and 1 ETN) are now included in the ConstituentData42.csv File and Fundamentals file. These updates are as follows:

ETF NameSymbolMasterDATA ETF Type
AAM Low Duration Preferred & Income Securities ETFPFLDGlobal Fixed Income ETF
AAM S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETFSPDVUS Equity ETF
AAM S&P Developed Markets High Dividend Value ETFDMDVGlobal Equity ETF
AAM S&P Emerging Markets High Dividend Value ETFEEMDGlobal Equity ETF
Affinity World Leaders Equity ETFWLDRGlobal Equity ETF
Ai Powered International Equity ETFAIIQGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Diversified Muni Bond ETFTAXFUS Fixed Income ETF
American Century Dvfd Corp Bond ETFKORPGlobal Fixed Income ETF
American Century Focused Dynamic Growth ETFFDGGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Focused Large Cap Value ETFFLVGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Low Volatility ETFLVOLGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Mid Cap Growth Impact ETFMIDGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Quality Diversified Intl ETFQINTGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Stoxx U.S. Quality Growth ETFQGROGlobal Equity ETF
American Century Stoxx U.S. Quality Value ETFVALQUS Equity ETF
American Century Sustainable Equity ETFESGAGlobal Equity ETF
Anfield Capital Diversified Alternatives ETFDALTUS Equity ETF
Anfield Dynamic Fixed Income ETFADFIUS Fund of Funds
Anfield U.S. Equity Sector Rotation ETFAESRUS Fund of Funds
Anfield Universal Fixed Income ETFAFIFGlobal Fixed Income ETF
Aware Ultra-Short Duration Enhanced Income ETFAWTMGlobal Fixed Income ETF
Barclays FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETNFFEUETN

2311 ETPs are now included in the files as well as holdings on 122 major US and global Indexes.

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