MasterDATA User Forum Opened!

I am very proud to announce the new MasterDATA User Forum. The purpose of this new addition to our forum section is to provide current subscribers and those interested in exchanging ideas regarding composite / breadth data an efficient means to do so. Additionally, MetaStockCSV Plug-in users will have an area devoted specifically to them.  Certainly, I will monitor and respond as best I can, but perhaps more importantly, a forum often encourages users to help each other.  I believe this is where the true potential lies.  Ultimately, the sum becomes larger than the whole

This forum will also evolve into a full support platform for all questions and issues regarding MasterDATA’s products and services.  A subscriber or user will post the issue encountered on the forum.  We will go through the troubleshooting steps to address and remedy the problem right in the forum.  Openly displaying this process on the forum allows everyone to benefit from the experience.  This potentially can save a tremendous amount of time which can be redirected toward more positive endeavors.  Any issue is an important issue and will be fully addressed until resolved.  The difference will be that addressing a particular issue online may help another user resolve his own similar issue without the need of direct help from us.

Please visit and use both the new MasterDATA User Forum at and the recently added MasterDATA Forum at  I greatly appreciate your comments and questions.  You can now post them directly online in the new forums and I will respond as soon as possible.