MetaStockCSV Plug-in Version 2.11 Released

MetaStockCSV Plug-in Version 2.11 is now available for download.  This plug-in allows MetaStock to use your own .csv format datafiles (comma delimited text files) without import or conversion.  The standard version uses datafiles up to 100 columns.  With the newly available Expansion Pack, datafiles can now contain up to 150 columns of data.  Additionally (and being a MetaStock user that writes a lot of Custom Indicators, I think this is very important) every statistic has its own specific name.  In other words, instead converting your data into the 6 values contained in a MetaStock price file, you use the values in your .csv format datafile directly by a name that you assign to them.  In other words, instead of using the term “Close” in your formula, you use a meaningful name like “NewHighs”.

This new version is even more configurable and installation is fully automated.  MetaStock, itself, can be installed anywhere on your computer.  While there are many new features, the biggest addition is a new, very powerful plug-in formula.  While the original plug-in formula remains, this new formula allows users to call data based on up to three parameters, a specific symbol, the statistic desired and a specific data period.  Virtually any data from your datafiles can be used in any MetaStock function.  Among the many possibilities of this functionality is that MetaStock charts and/or functions can display and use any or all of four data periods (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly), all at the same time.  That is a first.

For more information about the new MetaStockCSV Plug-in Version 2.11, go to its web site at  A “free” 10 column version is available for you to try out.

This release completes the revisions to the trilogy of products from MasterDATA, the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in, MasterDATACSV .csv format historical composite / breadth datafiles and the MetaStockCSV Plug-in.  The historical composite / breadth data we generate on the top 111 trade volume ETFs and 28 major stock indexes is the only source I am aware of for such data.   The plug-ins are the only way to use .csv format datafiles directly in MetaStock.

The biggest question from subscribers and site visitors has always been and remains, “What do we do with it?”  After five years of working on the foundation, its time to build our house.

We will now focus on the application of this one-of-a-kind data and plug-in.  Expect new sections on the web site presenting specifics on new and traditional composite / breadth indicators.  Studies will be presented exploring the potential meaning of various composite / breadth conditions.  Certainly, we will develop and discuss the results of our own work, but hopefully will provoke your own unique insights and application of this very powerful data in your own trading.  Examples will include both applications using the plug-in within MetaStock and traditional formulas outside of MetaStock (i.e. Excel, etc.).  Bottom line?  Trading signals are coming soon.

To review our progress from the beginnings (almost), visit our “Milestones” page by clicking here.

Coming Soon 

A forum will be initiated as soon as we make a final decision regarding a best location and how to structure it to best support the users of our composite / breadth data and plug-ins.  Those of you familiar with forums, know the value.  An answer to a question or problem benefits not just one, but everyone.  Group collaboration often provokes new ideas.  If you have any thoughts on this subject, I would appreciate hearing about them.

Additionally, we will gradually “syndicate” much of our web site content using RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”).  Subscribers will simply select the information they wish to retrieve from the web site and it will be ready and waiting for them on their own readers when they are ready to utilize it.  If you are not familiar with RSS, you may have seen the image on various web sites.  In addition to the standard application of the RSS mechanism, we have some very unique ideas on some very specialized features as implementation gets going.  I will keep you informed of our progress.

Composite / breadth data is the basis for many powerful trading tools.  It is my job to provide it to you in such a way that nothing gets in the way of your using it.   Comments, criticisms and suggestions are always appreciated.  I thank you for your past support and hope you continue with us.  In any event, good trading.


L.P. Carhartt

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