20 ETPs Added to Coverage

Twenty additional ETPs (2 JP Morgan ETPs, 5 Kraneshares ETFs, 1 State Street ETF, 3 Van Eck ETFs, 2 Vanguard ETFs, 2 VelocityShares ETNs, 1 WisdomTree ETF, and 4 Deutsche Bank ETFs) are now included in the ConstituentData42.csv File and Fundamentals file. These updates are as follows:

ETF NameSymbolMorningstar CategoryManagement TypeMasterDATA Type
JPMorgan Alerian MLP ETNAMJEnergy Limited PartnershipPassiveETN
JPMorgan Diversified Return Intl Eq ETFJPINForeign Large BlendPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
KraneShares CCBS China Corp HY Bd USDETFKCCBEmerging Markets BondPassiveGlobal Fixed Income ETF
KraneShares Eltc Vhl and First Trust Mbly ETFKARSIndustrialsPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
KraneShares Emerging Mkts Hlthcare ETFKMEDDiversified Emerging MktsPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
KraneShares MSCI All China Hlth Care ETFKUREChina RegionPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
KraneShares MSCI Em Mkts ex CHN ETFKEMXDiversified Emerging MktsPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
SPDR® S&P 500® ESG ETFEFIVLarge BlendPassiveUS Equity ETF
VanEck Vectors China Growth Ldrs ETFGLCNChina RegionPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
VanEck Vectors India Growth Ldrs ETFGLINIndia EquityPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
VanEck Vectors® Energy Income ETFEINCEnergy Limited PartnershipPassiveGlobal Equity ETF
Vanguard Total Corporate Bond ETFVTCCorporate BondPassiveUS Fund of Funds ETF
Vanguard Total World Bond ETFBNDWWorld Bond-USD HedgedPassiveUS Fund of Funds ETF
VelocityShares 3x Inv Natural Gas ETNDGAZTrading--Inverse CommoditiesPassiveETN
VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETNTVIXFVolatilityPassiveETN
WisdomTree 90/60 US BalancedNTSXLarge BlendActiveUS Equity ETF
Xtrackers BBG US Invmt Grd Corp ESG ETFESCRCorporate BondPassiveGlobal Fixed Income ETF
Xtrackers JPMorgan ESG EM Sovereign ETFESEBEmerging Markets BondPassiveGlobal Fixed Income ETF
Xtrackers JPMorgan ESG USD HY Corp BdETFESHYHigh Yield BondPassiveGlobal Fixed Income ETF
Xtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETFKOKUWorld Large StockPassiveGlobal Equity ETF

2323 US-traded ETFs are now included in the files as well as holdings on 122 major US and global Indexes.

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