18 ETPs Added to Coverage

Nineteen ETPs,11 Deutsche Bank ETRACS ETNs and 7 Fidelity ETFs are now included in the ConstituentData42.csv File and Fundamentals file. These updates are as follows:

ETF NameSymbolMorningstar CategoryManagement TypeMasterDATA Type
ETRACS 2xM Lvgd WF Dvr Bus Dev Com ETN BBDCYTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
ETRACS 2xMnthly Py Lvrgd US SmCpHiDivETNSMHBTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
ETRACS 2xMonthly Pay Lvrgd Pref Stk ETNPFFLTrading--MiscellaneousPassiveETN
ETRACS Alerian Midstrm Engy Hi Div ETNAMNDEnergy Limited PartnershipPassiveETN
ETRACS Bloomberg Cmdy Ttl RtnSM ETN BDJCBCommodities Broad BasketPassiveETN
ETRACS Mhly Py 2xLvgd WF MLP ExEgy ETN BLMLBTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
ETRACS Mnthly Py 1.5X Lvgd Mtg REIT ETNMVRLTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
ETRACS Mny Py 2xLgd US Hg Dv Lw Vl ETN BHDLBTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
ETRACS Monthly Pay 1.5X Lvgd CE Fd ETNCEFDTrading--MiscellaneousPassiveETN
ETRACS Qrtly Py 1.5X Lvgd Aln MLP ETNMLPRTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
ETRACS Qrtly Py 1.5X Lvgd Wls Fg BDC ETNBDCXTrading--Leveraged EquityPassiveETN
Fidelity® Blue Chip Growth ETFFBCGLarge GrowthActiveUS Equity ETF
Fidelity® Blue Chip Value ETFFBCVLarge ValueActiveUS Equity ETF
Fidelity® High Yield Factor ETFFDHYHigh Yield BondActiveUS Fixed Income ETF
Fidelity® Low Duration Bond Factor ETFFLDRUltrashort BondPassiveUS Fixed Income ETF
Fidelity® New Millennium ETFFMILLarge BlendActiveUS Equity ETF
Fidelity® Small-Mid Factor ETFFSMDMid-Cap BlendPassiveUS Equity ETF
Fidelity® Stocks for Inflation ETFFCPILarge BlendPassiveUS Equity ETF

2252 ETPs are now included in the files as well as holdings on 122 major US and global Indexes.

Eleven of these ETPs are ETNs. ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes) are a debt instrument and do not have constituents. As a result, there is nothing to display in the constituentdata42.csv file, but values are included in the fundamentals.csv file.

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