51 ETFs Added to Coverage

51 additional ETFs, 26 Invesco ETFs and 25 iShares ETFs, are now included in the ConstituentDATA42.csv file. Here is the complete list of currently covered ETFs. ETF Name Symbol Morningstar Category Invesco BulletShares BSDE Emerging Markets Bond Invesco BulletShares BSCE Emerging Markets Bond Invesco BulletShares BSBE Emerging Markets Bond Invesco BulletShares BSAE Emerging Markets Bond […]

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17 ETFs Added to Coverage + 1

Fifteen Deutsch Bank ETFs, two Alpha Architect ETFs, and one Index IQ ETF are now included in the constituentdata42.csv file. For more information go to http://masterdatareports.com. ETF Name ETF Symbol Morningstar Category MasterDATA Type Deutsche X-Trackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF HYUP High Yield Bond Global Fixed Income ETF Deutsche X-Trackers International Real Estate […]

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21 Global X ETFs Added to Coverage

Twenty-one Global X ETFs are now added to the ETF constituent datafile (constituentdata42.csv). To see the current file go to https://www.masterdatareports.com/Download-Files/ConstituentData42.csv. For a more thorough examination sign up for the free trial at https://www.masterdatareports.com/amember/signup/8pMDcESuV Don’t forget to log in first. If you can’t find your username and password, let me know at lc@masterdata.com. ETF Name […]

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