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The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators

  MasterDATA's Index / ETF Compilation List - ETFs Included

Currently, MasterDATA compiles breadth data on 34 major indexes and the 200 most actively traded equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  Daily data period web site charts, reports and historical datafiles are updated hourly during the trade session as well as end of day.  Weekly, monthly and quarterly data periods are updated end of day.  Click on any issue symbol below for its breadth report and numerous breadth charts.
Click here for the list of indexes included in our breadth datafiles

For details on the latest index and ETF additions and deletions to MasterDATA's Compilation List, click here.

Historical datafiles can be downloaded here.
Click on any ETF below for its breadth report and numerous breadth charts.

MasterDATA compiles historical composite breadth data on ETFs meeting the following criteria:

►      MasterDATA reviews the list of U.S. traded ETFs quarterly for changes in the top 200 trade volume ETFs.  Adjustments to the Compilation List will be made when such changes are identified and the following criteria is met.
►      All constituent issues must be listed on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ exchanges.  Issues may additionally trade on any other exchange(s).
►      All constituent issues must be equity or debt instruments.  Those ETFs based on the price of a specific commodity (gold, oil, interest rates etc.) will be excluded at the present time (ProShares, Direxion and some Rydex ETFs are exceptions).
►    The ETF sponsor must provide a readily accessible, up-to-date constituent list including ticker symbols for each issue.
►      Of the ETFs meeting the above criteria, only ETFs ranking in the top 200 ETFs as measured by average daily trading volume will be included.  These qualifying ETFs will be added the first weekend of each quarter.
  Historical Composite Breadth Charts, Reports and Datafiles

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