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This table shows current trends for the top 8 indexes/ETFs as ranked by daily percent change.
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The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators
Breadth charts, reports and historical datafiles on 34 indexes and 202 US Traded ETFs

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To see the entire " Index/ETF Net Daily Percentage Change" report on all covered indexes and ETFs, click here.
1600+ Constituent Lists   Historical Breadth Data
  Over 1600 US traded ETFs and  US and international indexes updated nightly directly from the sponsor.  Includes current constituent weightings, sectors and more.     Download 34 major stock Indexes and 202 most active ETF historical composite breadth datafiles in .csv format updated hourly during the trade session.
Breadth Reports & Charts   Plug-in for MetaStock  
  Up to date breadth data in reports and charts updated hourly throughout the trade day on 34 major indexes and 202 most active ETFs.  No subscription needed.     MetaStock Composite Plug-inAutomatically use our composite breadth data directly In MetaStock with no import or conversion.
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Top 200 Trade Volume ETFs By Descending Percent Change" report, click here.
The tables above display two of numerous composite breadth reports available in our free Charts and Reports section. MasterDATA's composite breadth data may be viewed in comprehensive hourly charts and reports as well as downloaded for use in MetaStock (using the MasterDATA Composite Plug-in) or in any analysis program capable of using .csv format (comma delimited datafile) such as Microsoft Excel. Files include data beginning 1990 through current (or the beginning date of the index or ETF). Statistics are available for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly time periods.

Composite charts and reports for every index and ETF on our followed list are found in the Charts and Reports section (subscription no longer required), while historical composite breadth datafiles for these composites can be downloaded from our download web sites.
  Historical Composite Breadth Charts, Reports and Datafiles

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